SVN To Oracle Apps : Automation Of Deployment Process

 Talks About: A process definition project for Oracle Apps.


Year : 2010- Current (With gaps)

Context: Free time masti while working for some client. Brings things from SVN and automatically appllies patch to Oracle Apps (EBS).

Technology : J2EE/XML/Lots of Open Source APIs (One which JDeveloper usage for its version control mechanism too)

Something About project:    

This was the project I was doing in my leisure time while working at some client site. I had always tried to keep this project un official, as much I could do at the time(not letting other people get involved).If say honestly, I did this project especially for my manager over there. Why so? Well don't know exact reason, but it was being done (at least by me), cause I wanted to value people, who can "THINK" new and challenge the established tracks, for betterment.

One day we were returning from a party, in the car we talked about, if we could automate the process of deployment in Oracle Apps just like a tool he mentioned (Name of the tool was Kintana if I am remembering correctly).  Pulling out the the deployment items from the version control system and deploying it to the the targetted oracle apps Instance.

Then I started further elaborate analysis of what can be done.So started "Definition".

Java as the techonlogy..Main reason, plateform independence.For version control system interaction(SVN in this case), chose tmatesoft java API. (Reason : Once I had seen JDeveloper exception with error stack with package name as tmatesoft, while quarreling with inbuilt version control mechanism of JDeveloper). Did a google search and located that.

How about User Interactions? Well a full Java Swing Application! smiling...


I have worked for that client twice, both the times, took it as  a way to kill my boredom.

Even though its a personal project and soon InshaAllah I may reveal its source code as an open source project, I may recommend all the visitor's of this site to give it a thought.

Please see the seperate section of this site which is dedicated to work related to this project. Process Definition for Deployment Automation. Here I am providing the video, where I have tried to describe a little of this tool.

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HubsPro - Quality Processes.

Talks About: A process definition project for industries and professional teaching bodies.

Year : 2009

Context: Personal interest project. Targets quality improvement for professional education.

Technology : Built using liferay portal and related technologies. Java/J2EE

Something About project:    

After resigning from Wipro in 2009, I sat at home and started working on a solution which was targetted to bring quality to professional education. Liferay was chosen as the platform of work. A whopping big portal was developed (Smiling...such big that I myself forgot the navigations, but was really big portal). Digged deeper in liferay's tech stuffs. Then began the weaker point..going to engineering colleges and talking to them, telling that why you should bring quality and how you can. Had meetings with several engineering colleges. However, the big problem I realized, was being reluctant...not interested in embracing change. This project was shelved after about 7-8 months of efforts. Well, I also realized importance of one parameter...Simplicity.

This project was defining new processes, just like ERP processes. ERP Processes?..taought to understand?...Yea.The big problem with this project was introduction of new processes for companies as well as Engineering Colleges. Infact a bunch of new Processes. I still want to implement this project again.. are few snaps of the portal


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